Monday, December 2, 2013

Rapunzel (Haircut Suggestions)

A little history on the hairs atop my head.

I was born with a lot. Thick, frizzy and curly. (..unruly, crazy, fro-esque)

In 8th grade I began getting my hair chemically straightened and at the time- those little claw clips in different colors were SUPER popular. And I could finally make them work with my new sleek locks.

So as I got older, I started noticing the damage the straightening was causing (duh)-and so I haven't had my hair straightened in about 3 years. Which is a HUGE deal....and A LOT more work for me.

Since living in Connecticut, I've gotten my hair cut once a Year. (Gasp! I know! You haven't seen split ends until you've seen mine, basically.)
I've tried a few stylists here and have had awful experiences.
Everything from smokey breath in my face, being hit in the head with a hair dryer, and being told that they wouldn't cut my hair as requested because they were too afraid.

I stick with my favorite stylist back in Michigan, whom I see....once a Year.

To my great joy, that haircut is approaching and I tell ya what. It's like the best time of my year.  I'm debating what to do with it.

Here are a few of my past styles vs. now. (UGH.)

I would LOVE your opinions!
Short, side-swept bangs?
Long bangs?
One length?


Love the bangs
This style is so hot right now.
Oh...I mean...

This style is about the same as now, just lighter I think.

This is about as short as I've gone in a long time
This was...8th grade-ish. I don't mind the shorter hair, but I don't think I could pull it off without the chemical straightener... (I'm on the right ;) )


Krystal said...

i like the side swept bangs a lot!

jess l. said...

I would go with bangs, mostly because I am jealous, since I can't pull them off myself!

jess | Quaintrelle

Pia said...

I really really love the short and the bangs! You are so beautiful! <3