Friday, January 17, 2014

This is Me (Part one of....a million?)

In my "find myself this year" journey that I've decided to go on. (Wow, cheesy Amanda...)... I've discovered a few things about myself that I can definitely confirm.

1) I'm outgoing in general, but feel no need to make myself center of attention.

2) I cry a lot. When I'm really happy. Really sad. Really frustrated. I used to really, really despise this. It happened after my first real relationship in high school. When we broke up- my tear ducts apparently decided to release themselves....till the end....of time.  Whatever. I've finally accepted that I cry.

3) I'm a homebody. I'm 25. And I'm a homebody. I would rather be at home, curled up with my Huz, laughing at stupid humor on The Goldbergs....than be out at a party of any kind.

4) I'm good at makeup. I don't know the right brushes or techniques...but I make myself look alright, I think. :)

5) I have a BIG heart for animals. If I see a stray cat, I will halt any and all plans and spend as much time as I can trying to snatch it up and make it my fur babe. Haha. :) It's just who I am. A person dies in a movie? In general it's like...."Meh. Ok. But are the pets OK?? Did the horses escape that tornado? Did the dog make it out of the boat in time before the lava lake gobbled him up?!?!?!?!"

C'est moi. :)

....007, the best sick buddy a girl could ask for!


MIssissippi Mrs. said...

Ohhh, honey!
I'm a crier as well!!!

Krystal Es said...

ha, i'm the same way with animals..and being a homebody!

nami s said...

Good to get to know a little bit about yourself. I cry a lot, too. Even for no reason. I also love staying home...:)