Monday, May 28, 2012


I've mentioned a site called Listia a few times in other posts and have "won" so many cool items.
Recently I won an auction for this cool little vintagy gold bracelet, it was kind of a "what the heck, why not?!" thing for me. 
When I received the bracelet it was better than I had anticipated although the fake diamond (or...some sort of crazy looking stone) was glued in crooked.
As I was looking it over I saw a symbol on the back of the charm that looked familiar. At an even closer look, I realized it read " Givenchy ".


I immediately emailed the woman who I had won it from- she didn't know what Givenchy was and said she had gotten it in a mixed bag at a garage sale.

I'm not sure if it's genuine or not, although the actual charm seems to be- including the Givenchy symbol-but it's made me feel like I've gained a little treasure accidentally :)

Do you have a treasured jewelry piece?

Thanks for sticking with me as I make changes to my blog. I'm working hard to get it just the way I want it! :)

Until next time, rediscover some of your jewelry.


Aspiring Kennedy said...

Givenchy? That's amazing! If you ever tire of it... well, you know where to send it. ;)

Parisbreakfasts said...

A friend gave me for xmas a black cashmere scarf with the Lanvin logo on it!!
She'd found it at Good Will...
Go figure

Jessica Gitler said...

hey doll ... so I am 5'5 ... not really tall but not short ... I can't even believe about this bracelet ... amazing find, you are one lucky girl!!!

MandaJ said...

Buh! You are taller than me by two whole inches! :)

Kristina Edinger said...

Josh got me this necklace for my 19th birthday that I absolutely love! And somehow it ended up in NC with my aunt and she hasn't mailed it back to me! Buh! But I love that necklace because it is the first piece of jewelry that he ever gave me :) And I love my engagement/wedding ring of course!